6 Ideas D.I.Y Crown+tutorials

If you want some precious crowns but you’re not Red queen nor princess in fairy tales and don’t have any.

Why not make one by yourself?

I was looking for some interested D.I.Y and found these ideas and inspiration for making your very own crown. For more information, find out more by click a link below the picture.

Ideas D.I.Y Crown/Tiara

1.Zinc crown


This beautiful antique crowns are made from cardboard.

You can find a tutorial and free template here : http://pentydeval.over-blog.com/


2. jewelled crown

Gorgeous jewelled snow queen crown design by cherylheap 

This crown was made from  wire crystals and glass beads, very suitable for winter decoration or wearing it as a snow queen.


3. Lace princess crown

You can find a tutorial at http://thegirlinspired.com/


4. Sheet music paper crown

If there’s some old sheet music that you didn’t need anymore, why not turn it into a nice-looking crown? Makes some origami star shape and decorate a simple headband and you’ll get one!

by Denise Sharp


5. Steampunk crown


It’s seems unbelievable that this cool steampunk crown made from a burger king crown right? Yes, it is.


This awesome crown was made by   You can find more information and tutorial at steampunkmonsters.com


6. Mermaid’s Crown

Make a unique mermaid crown by decorate your crown with seashells and starfish!                 Put the jewels or pearls if you’d like.


That’s all for today 6 ideas and tutorials to make crowns.                                                                   I hope you get some inspiration and see you again in next topic!


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📆5 Weekly Planner & To do list : Free Printable#1

Greeting everyone! 🐇

Lately I’ve been into planners and printable thing a lot so I’ve searched many freebies and I’ve found some cute and cool stuff so I managed to bookmark and gather them in my blog. Every freebie have links to interesting original pages so don’t forget to check them if you’d like.

✨1. Free Printable Weekly Planner Insert by the graffical muse                                   Free Printable Weekly Planner Insert

Simply beautiful and a little minimalist planner📆

download & original :  grafficalmuse.com  direct download here

✨2. Weekly To Do List Free Printable by sara albers

Weekly To Do List Free Printable | alice & lois

Beautiful floral style planner 📆 download & original :  aliceandlois.com


Free Printable Irma Weekly Planners by Eliza Ellis - The perfect organizing solution for mums, entrepreneurs, bloggers, etsy sellers, professionals, WAHM's, SAHM's, students and moms. Available in 6 colors and both A4 and A5 sizes. Enjoy!

Simply cute planner in 9 layouts! 📆 download & original : elizaellis.blogspot.com.au

✨4. New Insert Alert! Colorful Arrows WO2P by Kenia Louve

Watercolor style planner 📆 download & original : thestitchmaker.blogspot.ca



Colorful – cute planner 📆 download & original : fitlifecreative.com

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[How to] Origami Star part 1

Star is a nice shape and I love it so much, you can use it anywhere such as a decoration on card, paper work or even a room decorate.

Today I present you some origami star ideas for first step to make some star decorations.

How to  make an origami star

No.1 Super normal star

from  duitang.com

No.2 Paper star by Linn

full tutorial here

No.3 Vintage paper star by Fine a way by jwp

full tutorial here

No.4 3D star from paper by hellopaperblog

I think the link is dead, so here’s tip : cut a paper to a star shape, fold them and glue it together as the picture. This pattern has only 1 3D side.


Next step, more advance. You can adapt the star to be a decoration things for your home, dormitory or anywhere you’d like.

This is some ideas for making star decorations and I’ll make a topic about it soon.


Star room decoration Ideas

No.1  3D star from cardboard by Tracy

Full tutorial at tracys-trinkets-treasures.blogspot.ca/

No.2 Cute star model by Fiona X

I found the original one here http://crafthunter.com.au/ It is a christmas decor but I think it’s perfect for any seasons!

I’ll make a topic about Star decorations soon! Hope you got an ideas and inspirations and don’t forget to check these interested blogs.

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